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seorang budak biasa. yang tidak istimewa.. hanya berfikiran lain sedikit dari orang kebiasaan. minda aku sering lari. dan jiwa aku sering dikejar. roh dan jasad bergaduh semasa aku sedang mengawal situasi huru hara di sudut kotak berwarna tanpa buncu

Sunday, May 24, 2009


THIRD LEG BOUNCING started with the idea from Der.Der looking for drummer around 6months and he finally found Fara on november 2008.He asked Fara for an audition first and he dicided to take Fara as adrummer for "THIRD LEG BOUNCING" but at that time the name for "THIRLEG BOUNCING" still doesn't exist.The name for "THIRD LEG BOUNCING" came out from Der,he just say it whenwe all try to figure out the best n something special for this band. Weall decided to use "THIRD LEG BOUNCING" for the name.After a few jammed sessions, Der, Fara n our ex-bassist(no need tomention his name) came out with a few songs and that time Der take partas vocalist and also guitarist but he cant concentrate with singingwith playing guitar in the same time so he started to looking forvocalist.Fara asked Amy to join THIRD LEG BOUNCING as a vocalist and after a jammed session Amy decided to join THIRD LEG BOUNCING."happy song" was the very 1st song for THIRD LEG BOUNCING and this songhave been compose before Amy joined in THIRD LEG BOUNCING.Our 1st demo actually done on 24-12-08 with "juz let u know n happysong" was the originally track on that demo but the demo never beenrelease because we've got a lil bit problem with our bassist and Dertake a very serious decision to reject him from our band and we takeFared to be our new bassist and Zai(ex bassist of HALF-ASLEEP) be our2nd guitar.With a new line up we've decided to record back all of our songs plus with 2 more new track.On 8th of March 2009 we all came out with new demo "Do It For Fun!!!"

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