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seorang budak biasa. yang tidak istimewa.. hanya berfikiran lain sedikit dari orang kebiasaan. minda aku sering lari. dan jiwa aku sering dikejar. roh dan jasad bergaduh semasa aku sedang mengawal situasi huru hara di sudut kotak berwarna tanpa buncu

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the brown betty teapots

Brown Betty teapots are Hand Made in the Old Caledonia Mills in Stoke On Trent and imported from England. The Brown Betty has been very popular since its inception in the 1800s. These English Teapots are of a traditional Victorian design which reportedly makes the best tea in the world. The red terracotta clay retains heat better than other clays and the shape of the pot causes the tea to be gently swirled around as the boiling water is added. Producing an exquisite infusion. The glaze on the teapot is based on a manganese brown glaze developed by the Marquis of Rockingham on his estate in England in the late 1700s. This Rockingham Brown glaze and the Betty shape was eventually shortened to the affectionate term Brown Betty which we use today. The teapot was one made for the general public as a very utilitarian piece for daily use. It needed to be durable and cheap and so was made from a good terracotta clay which would hold the heat nicely. Todays teapots are still made out of a red clay visible on the unglazed portions of the lid and base of the teapot. A single company is still licensed to make the brown betty design in England and it has had its ups and downs going in and out of business leaving a trail of creditors behind but continuing to make the teapot in each new incarnation and name. At first it was Caledonia Pottery, then Cauldone Vale, and now just Cauldon. Teapots for sale in the US with all those name tags depending on the date of the stores inventory

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